Andrews NC Mountain Engagement

Andrews NC Mountain Engagement.

Oh man! I just had a feeling that this engagement session was going to be fantastic! And boy was I right. These two are so simply in love, it was so fun to see them interact. After days and days of rain in our town it was so great to see the sun peeking out! And we had a blast capturing some great images in a cow field with the majestic mountains in the background.


How they met: Hannah and Jacob met in nursing school at Cleveland State in Tennessee. They were in the same study group and clinical group, so they spent a lot of time together. Hannah says, "I always thought he was really nice and funny, but never knew much about him so I kept my thoughts to myself..." Hannah left the nursing program and they did not see much of each other after that. Then a month later Hannah joined the YMCA where low and behold Jacob just happened to work as a life guard and swim teacher. He would ask her to workout with him and then eventually out to lunch to get to know each other better. After getting to know one another more and praying for peace and God's leading in their relationship their feelings grew for each other. Hannah says, "It's like my eyes became wide open and I thought OH MY GOODNESS I WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH THIS PERSON!"

The proposal: Jacob first asked Hannah to be his girlfriend at a park in Cleveland, Tennessee with a white wildflower in hand. Eight months later at the same park he decorated a bridge next to a creek with candles in mason jars, white roses and photos. Hannah's sisters talked her into going to the park. As they were walking by the bridge Hannah thought, "Oh thats beautiful, what's that?" As she got closer she saw him standing at the end of the bridge waiting for her..."I literally thought, I had to be dreaming" Hannah said. He read a few verses from Proverbs 31 that reminded him of her. Kneeling down on one knee he said, "I asked you to be my girlfriend with a white weed 8 months ago at this very place and today I'm asking you with a white rose if you will be my wife?" After crying and hugging Hannah saw her mom, sisters, friends and his mom were there watching. And Braiden her son ran down the bridge and said, "Mommy I'm happy."

They both have a heart for children, missions work and want to start a family. Hannah grew up oversees and Jacob has been on many short term missions trips to Central America. They would love to continue oversees missions work in a medical capacity in the future. As well as adopt! Jacob works at a children's hospital as a pediatric nurse in a children's oncology unit and loves what he does.

Photography by: McSween Photography