Anniversary Session at Winmock

From the bride: Josh and I met at summer camp. We were both attending Appalachian State University, and had come home for the summer. We had both applied for jobs at a local recreation facility, but ending up turning them down. We ended up working at another summer camp- same camp location, same hours. It was totally meant to be! 

Josh and I began dating in August of 2012. We were engaged in August of 2016, and were married in June of 2017. We will celebrate one year of marriage in June of 2018!


If you could give one piece of advice to couples about the first year of marriage, what would it be?

Honestly, I really don't know. Things didn't really change when Josh and I got married. We both have agreed that the best part about getting married is being able to not leave one another every night, and being able to wake up to one another each morning. I guess I would say not to sweat the little things, and always communicate with each other- through the good and bad. We haven't had many arguments and that's not to say the first year of marriage hasn't been hard, but we've always managed to laugh after a rough patch. We honestly can't get through a disagreement without cracking up at each other.

Photography byDanielle George Photography