Bald Head Island – a Unique Wedding Destination

A Bald Head Island, N.C., wedding is not for the faint of heart. Compared to other North Carolina coastal communities, it's small, somewhat remote and you have to take a passenger ferry or vessel to get to it. But oh, is it worth it! Imagine having your wedding in a quaint chapel brimming with colors from stained glass, or out on the beach under a wooden arbor where the perfume of the salty sea air enlivens your senses. This is the wedding waiting for you in Bald Head Island.The island is known for its seafood, world-class golf courses and relaxing vacation rentals. It’s no surprise that couples flock to this unique location in Brunswick County to experience the true bliss afforded from a Bald Head Island experience.


Aside from the state’s oldest lighthouse, Old Baldy, the island also boasts several wonderful venues for which to host a wedding. Shoals Club is an all-inclusive resort that can fulfill your every whim, including your guests’ accommodations. Couples can have their ceremonies on the presentation deck and celebrate as the sun sets at the Event Pavilion.

The Bald Head Island Chapel is a picture-perfect venue for a classic and traditional wedding. It’s located right near the lighthouse and the windows showcase Bald Head Creek and spill in natural light. If you’re pining for a unique outdoor ceremony full of picturesque natural wonder, there’s always the beach and the lighthouse grounds from which to choose. Whether you’re a sand-between-your-toes kind of couple or prefer awe-inspiring backgrounds with rich history, Bald Head Island has several ideal landmarks and beachscapes worthy of wedding photos.

And if you aim for convenience, you can also rent a private home to host both your ceremony and reception. Your guests can ascend upon one location and take it all in from a relaxing beach house. After all, it is one of Brunswick County's most resort-styled community!

But you’ll only know if you visit. Drive down to Southport and hop on a ferry to see why Bald Head Island is one of our state’s best kept wedding destination secrets!

Photo Credit: North Carolina Wedding Photographers