Bride and Groom Wedding Day Photos

Bride and Groom Wedding Day Photos.

When it comes down to it, the wedding day is all about the bride and groom, so making sure you set aside time for photos of just the two of you is paramount to remembering your special day. By strategizing ahead of time with your photographer, you’ll be sure to get those can’t-miss shots of you and your husband.

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When you sit down with your photographer and plan your shot list, be sure to include ample time to take photos with your newly-minted spouse.And stick to a wedding timeline! It may seem like a given but because of the number of to-dos and special moments many couples include in their wedding days, those just- the-two-of-us photos have the potential to get lost in the flurry of activity.

There are a few ways to achieve this special photo session. Many couples these days are opting for “first look” moments before the ceremony, where the bride and groom reveal their wedding day looks with just their photographer present. It not only makes for a sentimental moment between the couple but allows for more time after the ceremony for group photos and gets you to the reception faster.

If you’re more traditional, you can set aside time right after the ceremony to venture off to a quiet part of the venue, away from prying eyes, to get the photos you want. You can also steal away during the reception when all of your guests are busy burning up the dancefloor.

And for the most stunning wedding day photos, schedule time to shoot with the best lighting of the day. The result will be romantic and inspiring, and will capture you in the most beautiful moment of the entire event.

The most important thing is you make these photos a priority. When the wedding day is through and you’re thumbing through your photo album, or ordering prints to hang in your home, you’ll want a selection of beautiful shots of you and your spouse from which to choose. Team up with your photographer to make sure you both get ample time in front of the lens together.

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Photos by:  Catherine Ann Photography