Charleston Marriage Proposal

Charleston Marriage Proposal.

Sagar and Pri are graduating from Medical school in May and on the 16th had just found out where they will be completing their residency. Sagar took this as the perfect opportunity to plan the most romantic surprise proposal in Charleston. 

Sagar and Pri visited Charleston, from Florida, for a "friends wedding" or at least that is what Sagar told her to ensure that she dressed up without raising suspicion. 

He carefully over the course of a few months planned out every little detail to pop the question. He even was able to get all of their family to come to Charleston to surprise her after the proposal. 

On the 18th of March I hid in the flowers with my camera to catch the very special moment. As Sagar and Pri made it over the bridge at Magnolia he got down on one knee to pop the question. Pri was in complete shock and had no idea that it was going to happen. 

After she said yes I came out of hiding and introduced myself. The three of us then started an impromptu engagement session. Sagar signaled to me that the family had arrived so we went to go to the next location, or at least that is what Pri though. As a distraction while crossing the bridge I pointed out a large alligator for her to look at. The family all came up quietly behind me and then when she turned around she was greeted by her siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins and friends. She was in awe of the carefully planned proposal her future husband was able to coordinate. 

Of course there was a champagne toast, family photos and then we finished the engagement session running all through Magnolia. 

This was truly a dreamy proposal.