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Classic Carolina Inn Wedding

Classic Carolina Inn Wedding

Classic Carolina Inn Wedding.

From the bride: It all started with succulents; I love the greens and purples! However that collided with my love of anything glittery/sparkly and ended up being mostly purples and golds.

Overall it was just such a special day. I finally realized why everyone says it’s the “Best Day Ever” - you can’t fully comprehend just how much love can be in one place until you’ve experienced your own wedding. It was truly humbling.

My MOH’s speech was a significant memory for me. I’ve known her since I was 11, so she’s seen me through many of life’s stages. When she said how much I’ve changed for the better since meeting Kris, it really resonated with me. In addition, she cited how amazing my girlfriends are, most of whom she had just met at my bachelorette party! Everyone just got meshed so well, which can be hard for 10 girls who don’t know one another! For her to add that to her speech meant a lot to me. 


Kris and I technically met online (shout out to OKCupid!), but our online conversation consisted merely of Kris saying I seemed fun and he would like to take me on a date (and obviously me agreeing to go on said date). Later that week, we went to dinner at Spice Street in Chapel Hill and officially met.

After that date, I ended up back in a fading on-again-off-again relationship, but I couldn't stop thinking about Kris. He was funny, easy to talk to, and SO TALL! So within 2 months, I called it quits with my ex for good to pursue things with Kris. BEST. DECISION. EVER!

Fast forward 4 amazing years (filled with food, cuddles, adventures around the country, more food, cats - most notably my adoption of WALLY!, and lots of craft beer discovery!) to Kris and I going on our first out-of-the-country excursion together to Paris and Barcelona.

The trip started off a little rocky: we almost missed our connecting flight to Paris in NYC, our luggage got lost, and our landing was delayed, making us miss our first scheduled tour (we'll come back for you, Catacombs!). That said, just being in the most romantic city on earth with my best friend was enough to make all that ok.

However, after all that insanity, I was definitely ready to get to our hotel ASAP for some rest. But Kris INSISTED we visit the Eiffel Tower first.

The Eiffel Tower really is totally breathtaking in person. It's perfect lines, angles, and arches are mesmerizing. As I'm getting lost in it's beauty, I notice Kris is suddenly a lot shorter than me... yep, he's DOWN ON ONE KNEE!

I can't tell you what in the heck he even said to me past, "Will you marry me?" - it was all such a blur! But knowing Kris, was utterly romantic and mushy. At some point, I can only assume I said, "YES!!!"

People around us were screaming, congratulating us, and taking pictures. Once I got myself together (read: stopped crying like a baby), I told Kris we needed to ask these people around us for pictures. But in typical Kris fashion, he had already thought of that. Turns out there was a photographer hiding and capturing the moment!

I personally don’t know when exactly it happened for me, but I know it was fairly early on. Kris says I was asking when we were going to get married by week 3 of dating! And for some reason, he stayed!

Kris has said for him it was “love at first sight.” So I guess that makes sense why he stayed :)


Photographer: Krystal Kast Photographers
Dress Store: The Bridal Boutique of NC
Floral Designer: The Wedding Woman
DJ: 3Sixty Vision Events
Makeup Artist: Kathryn Trivett-Maya
Event Planner: La Fete Planning & Design
Location: The Carolina Inn

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