Hilton Head Wedding Photos - South Carolina

Hilton Head Wedding Photos - South Carolina.

Alexandra and Bobby tied the knot at a private residence in Hilton Head Island. 


From the bride:

Bobby and I met in college. I walked into my best friends dorm (my MOH!) and saw him across the room. I noticed how handsome he was and then noticed he was wearing a Yankee shirt. Being the quiet person I am, I walked over to him and proceeded to tell him how it was so unfortunate he was a Yankee fan as I'm a Boston girl and it would never work between us and walked away. He immediately was hooked; we ended up talking for 9 hours straight, yes 9 hours (We timed it!) We talked about our families, our goals, our likes/dislikes, and it was like we found a best friend we didn't know existed. I remember the 7th hour that went by we were watching the sunrise and he made up a plan. He said the plan was that he would make me his girlfriend within 3 months, 2 years later we'd graduate college and move in together and then at that point we can renegotiate the plan. Bobby drove me home in his little white convertible and as he left he yelled out at me as I walked in the door, "Don't forget the plan!" and we were together from that moment forward. It was like their was no question. We were best friends and felt like we knew what each other was thinking, wanted, hoped for. I remember how easy everything was - so many people joke about the hard times or how hard being married is or how annoying their significant other was; we never felt that way. Our friends joke that we are the only people to find their soulmate, the person that doesn't complete you as a person but allows you to reach your full potential and brings out the best version of yourself. In his vows Bobby said to me he felt like he was born to love me and that couldn't be more true for us both.

Bobby and I actually met in the Carolina's at school and would vacation down every year to Moss Creek (wedding location), where his parents had a home. Our favorite memories together we were sitting on the dock, feet in the water and sipping on champagne. We fell in love with the southern sunsets and sunrises, making it a point to bike ride every first Sunday on our trip to see the sunrise with champagne in hand. It became our tradition and the 5th year we had done that Bobby actually told me to grab the champagne off of the bike and as I turned around he was on one knee. We got engaged in the same spot that we said our marriage vows. It was very full circle for us and having our wedding there was like letting our closest family and friends in on our own secret southern tradition. Most people don't get to have that experience and we are lucky that every year on our anniversary we can recreate that moment and keep that tradition going as we grow older, and grow a family.

Our inspiration for the wedding was actually based on our love for simplicity and the south. The reason we love Charleston and Hilton Head is the way life seems to slow down and focus on the little details of what makes a life so important. We wanted the wedding to reflect us as a couple. Bobby and I completed the wedding planning completely together. I never understood why brides wanted to be stressed out, make a wedding based on their Pinterest page and not reflect on the love between their Fiance and them. I knew I didn't want it to be a wedding but more of a celebration to the start of our marriage. We always felt that you could take people out of their wedding and add in any other couple and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. We wanted pineapple decor (Alex's favorite), pictures of us as a couple (taken from the VERY talented Philip Casey), Stella our Puppy daughter involved, our Adirondack chairs where we sat after we got engaged on top of our cake, our friends saying stories of us as a couple during the ceremony, and all of the tables with every side of the family mixed in together (rather then on separate sides!) to represent the two lives joining together. I tried to keep every detail important for the wedding and to be something special for us. I did the flowers, made the signs, created the wedding music list that was timed for each moment of the day, created the menu cards/name cards; you name it. I loved being able to look around the room and realize that these details were made in love.

Our favorite moment? This one is tricky. Every moment was exactly what we were hoping for. The one we both agree on as being a top moment was actually after we said our vows and walked to the car, we drove off down the road and pulled down a side street to turn around. Instead of heading right back we took a moment for ourselves. We could not stop kissing each other and crying happy tears. It was like our own private moment to let it all wash over us. We were only gone a moment but we both felt like it was forever just holding each other in the car. Bobby said it was like when we first met and we were sitting in his convertible but instead of talking about The Plan, we were living in this life we both dreamed of making together; it was surreal.