Max Patch NC Mountain Elopement

Max Patch NC Mountain Elopement.

Joshua and Amber tied the knot on June 1, 2015 in the Bald Head Mountain near the North Carolina-Tennessee Border.

From the Bride:

Three and a half years ago I met the love of my life, Josh, in a place I wouldn’t have expected – the gym! I was looking to amp up my exercise routine so I joined a local fitness team that he happened to be a member of. At first I felt a little intimidated and knew I could use some guidance. Josh was so welcoming and had this genuine kindness about him that seemed so rare in the fitness world, so of course I asked him for help! It didn’t hurt that he happened to be really, really handsome! From the get-go there was a crazy connection between us. It felt like we had known each other for so long, like we had been always been the best of friends. He was so easy to talk to, laugh about inappropriate things with and complain about working out to! We spent almost every day together just talking and getting to know each another on a really deep level. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love!Josh and I knew we wanted our wedding to be low key, simple and romantic so eloping was perfect. With North Carolina being our first choice, Asheville Adventure Weddings just made sense! Meghan suggested Max Patch and it was absolutely beautiful! We couldn’t have picked a better spot to share our vows and express our love for each other.The proposal was really sweet! Josh knew how much I loved the beach so he planned to pop the question at my favorite place, Anna Maria Island. He told me after that he wanted to wait until I suggested a day trip so he wouldn’t look suspicious! One Saturday came and I asked if he wanted to make the trip and spend the morning shell picking and relaxing. Of course he said yes so off we went! After a few hours it started to get really hot so I suggested that we leave a little early so we started packing our supplies. I noticed a pretty big pile of seaweed next to my towel that hadn’t been there earlier. At first glance I saw a small box peeking out of the mound which made me really curious! I wanted to know what in the heck it was so I smacked the seaweed off with my towel (I’m girly and seaweed is gross!) and discovered a tiny treasure chest sitting in the sand! My first thought was that we had found actual treasure, but I was a little nervous to open it because what if there was something weird inside?? Josh wouldn’t open it so I carefully unhooked the little latch on the front and flipped the lid open. At first all I could see were tiny gold coins so for a second I thought we had actually found treasure! But then I saw the ring, tucked perfectly in the center of the coins! I turned to look at Josh and he was already down on one knee. We made eye contact and then he said, “Amber, you’ve shown me true happiness, you’ve shown me true love. Will you do me the honor of being my wife? Will you marry me?” ~ Max Patch NC Mountain

Elopement Photos by: Meghan Rolfe Photography

Max Patch NC Mountain Elopement