Middleton Place Charleston Engagement

Middleton Place Charleston Engagement.

Mallory and Kristian's engagement photos were captured at Middleton Place Plantation in Charleston, SC.


1. We can't seem to agree on the exact time we first met because we both have different memories of it but Kristian likes to claim that I just wasn't paying attention! He moved to my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina from Europe when he was around 9 or 10. He actually moved into my neighborhood! He quickly met and became friends with two of my best friends who also lived in the neighborhood, Mark and Cody. I would hang out with Mark and Cody all the time but, according to Kristian, I didn't notice him too much because he was younger and so shy. He says, however, that he always had his eye on me from that first time he met me (he's a real romantic :). Fast forward to high school, Kristian transferred to my high school his sophomore year and my senior year. He was in my weight training class and, being the typical senior girl I was, I loved to mess with him to embarrass him (some would call that flirting). I went off to college not thinking anything of it until my halfway through my sophomore year of college, I got a text from a random number. It was a picture of Kristian in a hospital bed! He had just gotten surgery and clearly had too much morphine and worked up the courage to text me. Great pickup line right?? From there, we started talking every day until we eventually started our relationship. Since he had chosen a different college, we had to deal with long distance for 4.5 years, however, we spent every possible weekend, holiday, and summer together. By the time we get married, we will be going on 6 years of dating and the distance will finally be over!

2. It was supposed to be a normal Monday at work for me, but little did I know what Kristian had planned. I headed to work that morning while Kristian was in Chapel Hill (or so I thought). Sweetgrass Social, where I work, had plans to go and get photos done for our new website that afternoon. We got dressed and ready for the photo shoot and headed to Lowndes Grove to meet Aaron and Jill. We walked around taking photos of the three of us until it was time to do individual shots. Aaron and Jill asked me to stand in a certain position for my solo picture. The wind was blowing like crazy making my hair go all in my face. Aaron said "Mallory, why don't you try spinning around to get the hair out of your face?" I thought that was weird but for some reason, I listened to him and did it! As soon as I spun around, Kristian was on his knee behind me! He scared me so bad to the point that I screamed! I had no idea he was in Charleston and definitely didn't expect him to be down on one knee behind me during a work photo shoot. After I calmed down, we took photos together around Lowndes Grove and then headed into the house because "of the wind." Once inside, I found both my family and Kristian's family waiting with champagne to celebrate!

3. This may sound cheesy but my favorite moment of the engagement day was seeing Kristian! Because we lived in different cities, I always had to wait until free weekends when we could see each other. After over 4 years of it, it was honestly getting to me and since we were both so busy at that time, I truly didn't know the next weekend that I would get to see him. So, you can probably imagine that spinning around and seeing him, and especially seeing him with a ring, brought SUCH a sense of relief and happiness. Not only did I get to be with him that day, but that ring meant that I got to be with him for the rest of my life.

4. When I look in my closet, majority of my clothes are blue, so when it came to planning my outfits, I knew one would have to be blue! Our wedding colors are different shades of blues, gold, white and green so I wanted to tie in our photos to that as well. I'm especially drawn to lighter shades of blue which is why I decided to go with the Show Me Your Mumu Steel Blue dress. For Kristian, we decided to dress him up a bit by having him wear a white button down with dark navy pants. It was a classic look but one I've always loved on him! We did a second set of photos with our pup, Leo, in different outfits to mix it up. For that, I decided to do a classic white dress and Kristian wore a chambray shirt to match Leo's bow tie and leash from Crew La La!

5. Well, being a wedding planner, there's probably a lot of advice I could offer other couples haha! However, being on the bride's side of things now, I think the most important is to not get hung up on the little details and to remember the day is about you and your future spouse and the love between the two of you. Planning a wedding can get super overwhelming with all the details and everyone wanting to offer their opinion which can sometimes distract you from the true meaning of the engagement and the wedding. When that happens, it's so important to stop and remind yourself that those little details will ALWAYS work themselves out and to remember that those things are not as important as the two of you getting married!

Photographer:  Aaron and Jillian Photography//Apparel: Crew Lala//Event Venue: Middleton Place Plantation//Hair Stylist: Paper Dolls Wedding Hair & Makeup//Bridesmaid Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu//Event Planner: Sweetgrass Social Event and Design

Middleton Place Charleston Engagement