Morrisville North Carolina Wedding

Morrisville North Carolina Wedding.

Paula and Michael met on a cruise and it was love at first sight from there! They traveled from New Jersey to get married in North Carolina. Paula being in the Air Force had to have some military elements in her wedding. 


Q: How did you meet? Tell us about the proposal. A: Michaels View: I met Paula on a week long cruise with my family. The evening of the first night was the first time I laid eyes on her and I was determined from that point moving forward to get to know that woman. Every night we would walk the ship, partake in the various offered activities, and end it with a conversation in the same cabana getting to know each other. On the last day of the cruise I had to get her number. Mid week Paula had taken a photo and the cruise staff voted it photo of the day. I asked her to text me a copy of that photo and boom I had her number. We've been in contact everyday since. Paula's View: As Michael said we met on a cruise. I felt like I kept seeing him everywhere I went on the cruise until I finally saw him together with his identical twin brother. Michael approached me in an elevator, introducing himself. He asked me what I was doing later on and that night we ended up hanging out. We must of stay up until the break of dawn. We talked and joked about any and everything. I had to know more about him and him about me. We just didn't want the night to end. Every night we would meet up and walk the ship and talk , always ending the night in a the same cabana. He had a bracelet that he said he never took off and meant something to him. so I made sure I took it. He managed to get my number and when he texted me I reminded him I had his bracelet and if he wanted it back he would have to see me again!Michaels View: Once I knew I needed to make Paula my wife, I knew the proposal needed to be special. Out of all the plans I came up with, nothing could beat going back on a cruise to ask her to spend forever with me. With the help of my parents, I planned another week long cruise that included my parents, my siblings and their significant others and her sister and her boyfriend. At dinner I had my brother ask each couple their how they met. When it was time to tell Paula and I story I informed her how much she means to me and dropped down on one knee. With our daughter in her lap she put on the biggest smile and said "YESSS, Of CORSE!!! Paula's View: We had planned a family cruise for that summer. One night on the cruise we along with all the family went to dinner together. Some how the conversation of how couples met started. So it started off with his parents they told their story and it moved around the table to each couple. Finally it got us and I told my version and mike told his. Of course they were nothing the same, as mike likes to embellish. All of a sudden Michael got serious and began to tell me and everyone how much I meant to him, and how much he loved me. The next thing I know he was on one knee with a beautiful ring! Of course I said YES!

Design and Decor: DJ Harlem (Dancing on a Cloud)//Caterer: Catering by Design//Cake Designer: Love Cakes//Musicians: Daniel D. Music//DJ: Cease Fire Productions//Cinema and Video: AO&JO Photography//Floral Designer: Creative Touch Designs//Design and Decor: Creative Touch Designs//Hair Stylist: Nathaniel Jaye Salon//Photo Booth Equipment: In His Image Photography//Makeup Artist: Artistry by Alicia//Makeup Artist: Natural Beauties by Vee//Event Planner: Cargo & Co. Events//Event Venue: Noah's Event Venue//Photographer: In His Image Photography