Murrells Inlet Beach Engagement

Murrells Inlet Beach Engagement - South Carolina.

How do you know when you meet “The One”? Well, sometimes when you know, you just know! Disney movies aside, real love isn’t knights riding in on a beautiful horse to sweep you away to a happily ever after – but when you meet Chris and Shanda – you will believe in that fairytale kind of love!


From Shanda: It was the morning of my birthday and our 2 and a half year anniversary! Little did I know, it would also be marked down as the best day of my life. Chris had boughten me the cutest dress to wear and had told me he was planning my entire day from start to finish! I had no idea what to expect.. I was so excited! We started the day off at the nail salon, where I got my nails done and he got a pedicure for relaxation. He told me the next plan was to go to the “Shoe” where The Ohio State Buckeyes play football. He played football for the buckeyes for 5 years, so it is the most special place to him in Columbus. I was anxious and happy to spend part of my birthday in such a cool atmosphere. As we walked through the tunnel to enter the field, I saw a photographer, my family, and his lined up in the end zone! They were cheering, crying, and so excited because they all were ready to watch him pop the question! He stood in front of our families and expressed his love, promises, and plans for our future. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. I was completely shocked and breathless. Our families are so important! His brother is battling brain cancer, so it was so important to Chris that he was able to make it, along with my parents, his parents, our siblings, nieces and nephews, cousins and grandparents. After I said yes, we took full advantage of the photographer and did family photos and a short engagement session! Chris put together the most thoughtful engagement that us and our families will never forget! We got married July 21, 2018!”