Oak Island NC Engagement

Oak Island NC Engagement Photos.

So I'll start this by saying this was the most memorable and precious session I have shot to date. This all began with me asking my brother and his girlfriend if they would like to do a lifestyle session to which they graciously agreed. Fast forward a couple weeks to a beautiful weekend at Moira's family beach house and the lifestyle session that we shot there. The cozy beach house in Oak Island is a sentimental place for Garrett and Moira and is just downright amazing! We had so much fun! They made some mixed drinks, relaxed, and we started shooting. Their love for each other just naturally came through, the kind of cute moments that you can't fake. Garrett is a talented musician and always brings his guitar to the beach so incorporating his passion into the session was so important.

So we wrap the session and go about our usual beach weekend routine of making a ridiculous dinner that's way too involved and too much food. After dinner we all decide to go hang at the beach and play bocce ball for a little while. My husband and I go off for a walk and he's like "ok I don't know what's up but Garrett told me that we need to go back up to the house so they can have some privacy". About 15 minutes later they come back up to the house and Moira has this gorgeous Gelin Abaci engagement ring sparkling away on her finger! We had no clue this was going to happen and no champagne to celebrate, so we made a run to the beach pantry up the road see if we could buy some. Well they did not so instead we found Miller High Life, we figured the Champagne of Beers would do in a pinch, and it sure did. A quick and obviously classy toast to celebrate and it was all official! Turns out Garrett had the ring for weeks and had been hiding it in his guitar case waiting for the right moment to ask Moira to spend their lives together. The next day we took Garrett and Moira back out for a few "official" engagement photos that showcased her new ring and most importantly their love for each other.

Photos by: Rachel Bowman Photography

Oak Island NC Engagement Photos