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Planning the Perfect Coastal Proposal

Planning the Perfect Coastal Proposal

Planning the Perfect Coastal Proposal.

There’s no shortage of beautiful coastline in the Carolinas, which makes it easy to plan the perfect coastal proposal for your significant other. From surprises to sunsets, there are many ways to pop the question in the best way possible as you enjoy the water and sand. We’ve rounded up a few ideas to make sure your coastal proposal goes off without a hitch.


Picnic Proposal
For the romantic at heart, setting up a simple proposal on the beach with a picnic is a lovely way to pop the question. Grab a blanket, pack a picnic dinner or small treats and set up the spot ahead of time, preferably in a place where very few people will be. Bring your partner out on the beach and surprise them as you drop to one knee and present that beautiful diamond ring. To add to the celebration, bring along some pillows and watch the sun go down as you enjoy your new engagement.


A Surprise from the Sea
For those who want to surprise their partners, what better way to propose on the coast than with a message in a bottle? Find a nice piece of parchment and nice (unused) glass bottle and write words from the heart. After inserting the message in the bottle, be sure to place it somewhere on the beach ahead of time where you know your significant other will find it. Offer to take a romantic stroll together so they can randomly spot it as you two are walking. After they find the bottle and read the note (which will be a great keepsake!), present the ring to finish off the ultimate surprise.


Written in the Stars Sand
And of course, you can always pop the question by writing it in the sand. You can head out and write your message ahead of time (just be sure the tide doesn’t wash it away) so they see it when the time is just right. Or, if you want to be a little more extravagant, you can hire a sand artist to create the message for you. Either way, there’s plenty of room from which to work. Encourage her to go out to the beach and after she spots the message, pull out the engagement ring and wait for her answer.


Tips and Tricks
For the perfect coastal proposal, be sure to always check the weather. Also, be mindful of how busy the beach might be. Are you comfortable with a lot of people around or do you prefer it to be more intimate? And be sure that no matter how you propose, the area can be undisturbed until the moment arrives.


Sunrises and sunsets will also make your coastal proposal even more perfect. If you have the budget or have a photographer in the family, it’s a great idea to hide them away to capture professional photos of your coastal proposal. After all the planning, this will certainly be a moment at the coast you’ll want to remember forever!

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Our Summer 2019 Issue is Here!

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