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Toms Creek Falls Engagement - Asheville, NC

Toms Creek Falls Engagement - Asheville, NC

Toms Creek Falls Engagement - Asheville, NC.

Can we talk about how adorable these two are? I met Hannah and Dave at Toms Creek Falls in Asheville on Sunday for an amazing engagement session. Dave and Hannah are so effortlessly in love. They smiled their entire session. I am so excited for their wedding at McGuires Millrace Farm next month.


How they met: Dave works for Young Life and was on a trip to Florida with a group of middle school students when he ran into Hannah for the first time. He was in the store looking for some sunscreen and they spoke in passing. After a few more interactions with her that week, Dave went home with Hannah on his mind. So he decided to write her a letter. We are talking snail mail people, how romantic! A few letters in and she gave Dave her phone number. A few calls later and they went on their first date!

The two shared their first date, in Florida, when Dave drove down to "see his brother", when actually it was a ploy to take Hannah out. After sharing a night of cupcakes, mustache stickers, fun at a used bookstore, a close encounter with "meat"balls and dancing the night away the two were headed straight for the L word. LOVE. They ended their epic first date by running through the streets with sparklers and sharing a sweet kiss.

Its official - officially dating!

A few weeks after their perfect first date Hannah was driving through Dave's hometown and they decided to see each other again. They kissed as soon as she got out of the car. Within the first hour of her being in town he asked her to be his girlfriend. They laughed and romped around town, eating ice cream and playing silly games. They then found themselves at a rodeo. While watching bull riding, bull wrestling, calf chasing and more, they enjoyed poor food and laughed together. Next they happened by a weekly remote controlled dirt track race car competition. That is not a joke. They quickly took to placing bets on who they thought would win and Hannah won every race. Every. Race. At one point the wager got so high that Dave ended up singing Dixieland Delight over an intercom. Throughout the rest of the weekend Hannah and Dave shared a lot of laughter. They spent most of their time driving around sharing playlists they had made filled with songs that described their lives. The more they got to know each other the more they liked.

Fall in Michigan

Three weeks later Dave flew to Michigan and stayed with Hannah for a few days. They walked around a lot, through some small towns, ate sushi and checked out some great lakes. Hannah had planned an incredible day at on an island in Michigan called Mackinac. There are no cars on Mackinac. There are horses, happy elderly people and a hotel. After a few drinks at the bar Dave told Hannah he loved her. She said it back then told him, "Your going to marry me."

 The big Q

While Hannah was hunting for a job in the wedding planning field she found a farm in Murphy, North Carolina, McGuires, that she wanted to look at as a potential wedding venue. When Dave's original plan to pop the question when a little awry he took the opportunity to on a bridge at the venue to ask her. He told her, "I want to take a picture of you looking into the distance." As she turned away, Dave got down on one knee and said "Hannah." She turned, cried and said, "yes." Hannah and Dave are getting married. It's real and it's really happening. And it all started with sunscreen and letters.

How about that for an epic story! Enjoy some of my favorite images from our session together. And don't forget to check back in a few weeks at what I am sure will be an amazing wedding.

Photography: McSween Photography

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