How to Decorate Stairs for Your Wedding

How to Decorate Stairs for Your Wedding.

If your venue has a fantastic set of stairs, use them to your advantage by dressing them up! And even if you don’t include them as part of the ceremony or for an entrance, they can make for a great backdrop for photos of all kinds.

This set of ornate stairs is decorated with floral garland from top to bottom. With a foundation of greenery, a light and fresh design is complete with the addition of colorful roses.


A spiral staircase can be made even more enchanting thanks to a plush display of greenery and white flowers that drip from the bannister. This white floral theme complements the traditional white ambiance of the venue, too.


Assorted candles are always a wonderful and easy design choice. Mix and match metallics, sizes and shapes to give your staircase extra dimension while still offering a warm glow as the night falls.


This staircase is embellished with simple greenery that evokes a Mediterranean vibe. This style choice is perfect for those venues with elaborate tiles or architecture, and can add a fresh punch to an interior staircase.


An outdoor staircase is styled with both greenery and candles. The combination of glass vases and lanterns, along with lush greenery, adds a certain softness to the rock features of the venue’s exterior.


Even contemporary staircases can get a face-lift. A plethora of minimalist white candleholders and glass votives create a crisp, clean appearance on this stone staircase.


It’s easy to transform any staircase into a beautiful fixture. Whether you scatter candles or create an entire floral design for the steps, incorporating this extra touch can be an impactful way to take your venue to the next level.

Credits from top to bottom: Kate Ignatowski Photography | Jose Villa | Emily Steffen Photography | Shea Christine Photography | KT Merry Photography | Nathan Abplanalp Photography