Unique Wedding Desserts

Unique Wedding Desserts.

If you and your spouse are not big on cake or just want something a little more eclectic for dessert, there are many unique options to satisfy your sweet tooth. And what better way to make your guests' experiences over-the-top than with a selection of tasty, tantalizing treats.

A fanciful option is an elaborate and sophisticated selection of macaroons, each exclusively dressed with edible flowers and berries. They're as pretty as they are delicious.


If you’re a big fan of gardening, these petite cakes in mini potted plants are divine. Some are hand-painted and some are wrapped with sugar leaves but all make for an adorable, fresh display.


This couple loves pie so they opted for a selection of hand-fried pies for their special day. Wrapping each one in a paper sleeve makes it easy for guests to grab and go!


Marbled white chocolate bark is not only beautiful but totally customizable. You can incorporate your wedding colors easily into this delightful hand-held treat.


An assortment of petite tarts makes for an elegant display and allows your guests to choose from a variety of options.


This no-fuss selection of contemporary desserts is the perfect sweet accompaniment to any modern reception.


For the ultimate sweets selection, incorporate various flavors that cater to an array of tastes. These beautiful pastries offer something macaroons and cakes don’t and are displayed on a gorgeous ornate tray.


One can never go wrong with cupcakes! Take them to the next level by offering a variety of chocolate cakes with various chic decorations.


Personalized sugar cookies are a huge dessert trend for weddings these days. Sugar cookies are widely enjoyed and completely customizable, including these beauties designed to emulate the fresh theme of the wedding.


Another stylish dessert option is to provide mousse cups. These tiny little glasses show what’s inside and are a delightful treat to dig into!


You have so many ways to customize your wedding – why not make dessert a part of that? While wedding cakes have always been the traditional choice, it’s also fun to include other options that you, and your guests, will enjoy through every bite.

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