Light Bulbs Idea - Wedding Lighting

Light Bulbs Idea - Wedding Lighting.

Integrating unique lightbulbs into your wedding design is an easy way to brighten up any room or venue. Simple, yet unique displays, are not only a sleek modern trend, but they add brilliance without a lot of hassle.

Some venues, especially more modern and industrial spaces, have unique lighting as an added characteristic. This couple merely dressed up the industrial lights of their reception space by hanging greenery.


Adding lighting above a long, family-style table creates a more intimate and cozy feel. This outdoor table is illuminated by a long lighting display fashioned with hanging lightbulbs at alternating lengths.


Hanging lanterns from trees adds a beautiful Southern flair; however, the chance that candles will blow out is high. This tree is illuminated with lightbulbs covered with glass mason jars – allowing the light to shine well into the night from the protection of an old Southern favorite.


These industrial-inspired lightbulbs are simple, yet impactful. With just the gentle light glowing from the ceiling, it’s the perfect option for those minimalist couples.


Adding string lights to any space is a no-brainer. Whether it’s for a ceremony or reception, this is an easy design choice that can be done anywhere – inside or out.


Lightbulbs can also be used as a stunning evening ceremony backdrop. By hanging strands of light against a wall, your space is filled with a romantic glow that will look impeccable in photos.


Ask your venue if they have lights available or inquire about renting string lights or lighting displays to give your wedding extra brightness. This is one design element that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s visually stunning and will give your event that unforgettable touch.

Credits: Vasia Photography | Jemma Keech | Anna Roussos | Joey Kennedy Photography | Readyluck | rebecca yale